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Invitation to LIVE - Leading Innovative Vascular Education in Corfu Greece 2023

Dear Colleagues & friends,

On May 18-20, 2023 we will all meet in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece for LIVE 2023!

LIVE symposium goes on to the path of its main commitment, the Innovative Vascular Education aiming to attract researchers, professionals and young trainees in a truly multidisciplinary and interactive forum. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss all the up-to-date knowledge and the cutting-edge research and technology with some of the world renown experts in a highly scientific and friendly environment. Plenary and joint sessions with some prestigious vascular societies and European congresses as well as debates, clinical case and oral presentations, workshops and industry mini-symposia will all form a scientific network able to provide a unique educational opportunity and a must-to-be event for all physicians interested in the management of vascular diseases.

Also, we are proud to announce that this year the Institute of Vascular Diseases (IVD) initiates a new cooperation bringing the well-known Venous Symposium (VS) from the USA in Europe as a back-to-back event. LIVE & VS will offer a unique Arterial and Venous experience to the entire vascular community just with one registration!

Do not miss this opportunity - Just be there!!! 

On behalf of IVD

A. Giannoukas M. Matsagkas

Invitation to Venous Symposium Europe in Corfu Greece 2023

The premier Venous International Conference “Venous Symposium New York” now expands to Europe! Those who know the VS team should not be surprised to read that Greece has been chosen and the destination is Corfu.

Venous Symposium has been unique in providing venous education by world class experts, interactive sessions, real cases and live patient sessions. VS covers the entire spectrum of vein and lymphatic disease, including all types of interventions from sclerotherapy techniques to the latest thrombectomy technologies.

Venous Symposium will be of value to vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, angiologists, phlebologists, general surgeons and other medical professionals currently treating venous disease or who wish to expand into this arena. Residents and fellows will be offered complimentary registration.

VS will be together with the LIVE meeting running back to back where you will have the opportunity to attend both events with a single registration. Those who have also interest in arterial disease can benefit from attending LIVE that has great organization and provides also an excellent program.  

On behalf of VS Europe

N. Labropoulos E. Avgerinos

Program Directors

E. Arnaoutoglou
E. Avgerinos
G. Georgiadis
A. Giannoukas
C. Ioannou
C. Karkos
A. Katsargyris
N. Labropoulos
M. Lazarides
M. Matsagkas
K. Moulakakis
D. Tsetis
I. Tsolakis

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